Good Music: Camille Safiya - '24K' (EP)

I came across Camille Safiya b/c my boy Stan shot the cover for this project. The 1st song that I heard from her was "Amnesia," which I liked enough to feature it on this week's CNNCT Life Radio episode (HERE). 

So, I just finished giving this project a couple of listens and...this is some dope shit. She's obviously an honest writer, vocally gifted, & unafraid to take risks; as a listener, I appreciate that. "77 Impala" is an early favorite even though I wish it was at least another verse longer. "Amnesia" is still in rotation and "Love and War" is RAW (shouts to Frankie P).   "Beautiful Mindfuk"...I want to play that at ignorant levels and walk around my house with the windows open....super vibes.

If you're reading this, I recommend you give 24K a couple of listens.

- DJ Aaron Omar

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