#certifiedFRESH: PMF at Umami Burger

Yesterday, I took some of the PMF crew to one of my favorite spots in the city Umami Burger (, located in the West Village. They actually started out on the West Coast, but over the past few years, they've branched out all over the country, with 2 locations right here in NYC (A third one is opening up in Williamsburg THIS WEEK!). Everyone I've ever brought here understands the power of Umami--once you have had one, you can't eat another burger the same.

Yesterday was no different. Initially, we were supposed to be there for Nae's (@MsSunStar) birthday, but she overslept -_-, so she missed out. Balistik (@BalistikPMF) came out though and it was his first time...needless to say, he wasn't ready.

Starting off, we decided to get a few beers and Truffle Fries. Umami's Truffle Fries need to be in their own category of luxury foods. Thin cut fries served with their special truffle cheese was probably the best fries I've ever had. Truffle not your thing? No worries. They also make the best Sweet Potato Fries ever with brown sugar sprinkled all over...that's right. Brown. Sugar.

Now, the feast: Mylon (@LonCanvas) and I ordered the Manly Burger; Ronny (@RonnyPMF), the B.U.B. (not on the menu anymore but they can make it if you ask them to), and Balistik, the Sunny Side. Each burger they create is carefully crafted with fresh ground beef that they prep and season at each site, as well as some of the most interesting toppings alongside a perfectly toasted bun. I could go into details about every single burger they have (including the Specialty burgers at each location) but I only have so much time in a day to write lol. The beauty of this place is that anything you order tastes good...not even lying. Matter of fact, I dare you to go to any of their locations, order any of their burgers, and not become a fiend. It's that good.

- Travis Mendes (@TravisBTP)
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