[Documentary] 'IVERSON' (Trailer)

A few weeks ago, I posted who I consider to be my NBA Mount Rushmore; a list that featured Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Shaq because they have proved to be the most dominant players in the league since I've been alive to watch. Allen Iverson SHOULD have made that list. 

During his prime, he was the most unique and hardest working player I've ever seen. Lightning fast and full of heart, I believe that if Iverson had a chance to play with a top-notch cast of supporting players, a luxury that the 4 previously mentioned NBA greats had a chance to do, he would have won multiple championships and Finals MVP awards.

On May 16th, Showtime will premiere their documentary chronicling AI's on and off court life.  I'll definitely be watching this one.

- DJ Aaron Omar
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