[Interview] Rav P Talks About His New EP 'Slave Name Todd'

Rav P is a dope self-produced rapper who just dropped his EP Slave Name Todd.  I had a chance to interview him for the iStandard site.  Check some of it out below:

First of all, I’d like to tell you that I really enjoyed the Slave Name Todd EP that you just released. What was the inspiration behind the artwork, the sound, and the overall direction of the project?

Appreciate that. The artwork was done by a young painter from NJ named Brianna Renee. It was something I saw that she posted on Facebook and just had to use it, with her permission of course. I always wanted to do a solo project with all my beats. In the midst of shopping beats as a producer I get frustrated at artists who don't see the in this case I created the vision with total control. Beyond the turmoil happening in this country right now, I just have been on a tangent trying to find myself and unplugging from the matrix. Not the outer, bill paying materialistic self...but the inner self. I've been just studying my REAL history and being inspired by the story that this country conveniently left out. I am Jamaican and our people love to name themselves the whitest most British names maybe because of them ruling us at one point or just make it easy for me to always get a job lol. Nonetheless, the title lets the world know that, 'Yes I know you try to enslave me still to this day and it just so happens that I'm a black man with a very white name: Todd Smith.'

Check the rest of the interview out at

- DJ Aaron Omar
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