[PMF Music] 'The Cool Table Vol. 1' - 6 Years Later

This was the 1st PMF t-shirt.  We wore these when we performed songs from The Cool Table

6 years ago, Pardon My Fresh as a team, brand, and family was solidified when we released our first project, The Cool Table Vol. 1.  This week, we'll be celebrating and sharing moments from that time period.  Above, you can stream the music and below, check out some quick thoughts from some of the folks that were there.  Vol. 2 anyone...?

Balistik The Messiah
Wow.... I just want to thank all you guys man I didn't even realize it's been so long.  Feels like yesterday. This project right here allowed me to fully realize just how much potential we all have within us, both collectively and individually. It was truly the first of its kind and it showed just how much a group of like minded and talented people could accomplish when setting a common goal. That goal was GOOD MUSIC... And it still is. Timeless stuff. I love you guys.
So, 6 years huh? Feels like just yesterday. The Cool Table is what made me know that all I wanted to do in life was music. I knew that I could never be completely satisfied in this life without being involved in creating music that brings people together the way The Cool Table did. We unknowingly built a bond that will last a lifetime. I'm proud of our progress and to call this tightly knit group of people my family... I'm closer to you all than the ones I share blood with.

Lon Canvas
It's rare that a group of such talented musicians and writers end up growing together as a fam. The metaphor of the Cool Table goes past the album, it's harbored a brand and a lifestyle. Love all of you. 

Nae Slay 
The Cool Table was an automatic inspiration.  Seeing these people from all walks of life come together for one common cause...I wanted to be a part of that awesomeness.  I love you unique individuals dearly.

The Cool Table was one of the greatest times of my life. To the naked eye, my brothers & I came together to make music but honestly it was the beginning of my second stage of life.

Travis Mendes 
Wow. I love y'all, man. We've been doing this for a minute and we're only now truly getting started. We've come a long way, but if it wasn't for that record, I may have never begun to find my voice. Without that, This Is A Mixtape may have never happened.

DJ Aaron Omar
This project is the foundation for everything that I do in music and this is what basically launched Pardon My Fresh.  I also learned a lot about music, culture, art, and life in general because of the conversations and experiences we had.  Such a great period, I'm still proud of The Cool Table.  Love.

Souler Stan
6 years, wow! Time flies, but it also reminds us where we've been. That was a dope stage in my life; being able to create with people I call fam. I learned a lot, not just about making music and what it takes to be an artist, but I learned that you truly are who you surround yourself with and that art can connect you with the right people. The Cool Table helped me grow as a person and got me out of my comfort zone. It also showed me if you truly believe in something you're creating, people will support it because it's genuine. You don't do it to trend, or to get followers or likes. You do it because it's what keeps you sane in this world. It's your form of expression. And when you're genuine about it, people can really see it. And to me, that's what makes someone "Cool". And lastly, I have to say much love to the PMF fam!! We made a dope project and had some fun ass times doing it. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! Let's celebrate "Next Rounds On You" though lol
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