[Pro Wrestling] 2002 Throwback: Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam

In 2002, this was considered to be a dream match. HBK vs RVD...Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam. 2 of the most athletic and innovative squared-circle performers in the history of the business. This was the 1st time that they had a 1-on-1 match and, to my knowledge at least, also the last.

It took place on Monday Night Raw so they weren't given a whole lot of time but they still delivered a lot of action and told a good story centered around Michaels working on Van Dam's left knee.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a decisive ending and it only added fuel to the "what-if" fire, but if you can appreciate it for what it was, you can take a few moments to acknowledge that 2 of the greats got a brief chance to showcase their skills against one another.  I'll take it.

- DJ Aaron Omar
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