[Music Business] SAE Institute + iStandard Producers: Business of Music Production with Dove Clark & Buda da Future

I posted this earlier today on and I felt it was important to share here.  A lot of people that come to this site are either in the music industry or aspire to be and this video is full of gems and valuable information that can be applied to their career.

Before the last iStandard showcase in NYC, SAE Institute (@SAE_Institute) and the co-owner of iStandard J. Hatch (@MogulStatus) hosted a panel with Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove) and Buda Da Future (@BudaDaFuture) discussing networking and relationships in the music business.  I can't stress enough how IMPORTANT relationships are.  You will not be successful if you don't know how to communicate.  Check the video's about an hour but it's worth the time.

- DJ Aaron Omar (@AaronOmarPMF)
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