#certifiedFRESH: PMF at Rocco's Tacos in Brooklyn, NY

Yesterday, my girlfriend & I went downtown Brooklyn to chill for Memorial Day and ended up browsing around for somewhere to eat, eventually stopping @ Rocco's Tacos.  Not only is the place a top notch Mexican restaurant, but it's a TEQUILA BAR.  In other words; there's a food menu, a drink menu, and a tequila menu featuring over 400 different options.
We opted to go for lighter drinks since we wouldn't be staying that long so she went with a white sangria and I got an IPA.  The coolest part of the service is the freshly made guacamole which they prepare in front of you.  Honestly, some of the best guac I've ever can really be a meal by itself.  On to the main course.
I ordered the Chimichanga Nationale which is spicy chicken, red onions, Chihuahua cheese, spicy white rice and black beans, and red and green salsa.  AWESOME.  I made sure to take some home.  She ordered the Camarones Patron which is shrimp sautéed in tequila and red chipotle butter sauce and served with flour tortillas, with a side of red rice.

From top to bottom, this was a great find and a restaurant that I'll be going back to very soon.  The food was excellent, the servers were cool, and the design of the restaurant itself is easy on the eyes.  Besides, I have to sample something from the tequila menu....

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