[Premiere] REVL TVLK - 'Conflict Of Interest' (feat VYKI) (Produced by Mike Green)

The pursuit of professional success vs the pursuit of personal happiness has been a cause of stress since the beginning of time.  On one hand, you have somebody that you genuinely care about; who wants to spend time & create moments with you.  On the other hand, you have your goals.  You've given yourself a professional purpose and in order to reach the level that you see fit, you have to sacrifice some of the very things that make you happy.  It's the Mother of all catch-22's.

On his brand new single "Conflict of Interest," Brooklyn, NY's own REVL TVLK details this very plight.  Over a guitar riff-driven production by Mike Green, REVL and Freeport-native VYKI trade verses, giving the listener a fly-on-the-wall perspective to their conversation.  Everybody can relate to this in one way or another and that very "human" perspective is what makes this a dope song.  Pay attention to REVL TVLK.  He has some good music in the works that should be dropping soon, including a collaboration w/ Pardon My Fresh & Beautiful Mind representative Travis Mendes.

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