#certifiedFRESH: Grammy Award Winning Producer Focus...Speaks w/ DJ Aaron Omar About New Music & Working w/ Dr. Dre

Interview by DJ Aaron Omar
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What's up Focus..., how's everything?

Good, fam. Will NOT complain...

Before we talk about your new music, I'd like to ask what inspired you to re-brand yourself as Focus..., adding on the 3 dots? 

It became hard for my listeners to find my music and differentiate me from other 'focuses' so, that little change, (the dots), helped my individualism and brand to continue...

The new project, aNALOG iN a dIGITAL wORLD is an instrumental album, inspired by the analog-recording approach. Did you record this to analog and then convert it over to digital or is the analog approach more of a mindset? 

GREAT QUESTION! I recorded, mixed and mastered the entire thing in Logic so, it ended up being the mind set in this case. I used instrumentation and an approach that many of the newer producers wouldn't have used...

How long have you been working on "A|dW" ? 

It took less than a month to get it all together...

I thought it was creative to incorporate social media by having your 3000th Instagram follower host the album, a good way to connect to your fan base. How has the response been so far? 

My listeners are still trying to figure me out...lmbo. I appreciate Therapy for the follow and the fact that he was prompt when I asked him for what I needed from him. If there were no listeners, no "followers" on social medias, and no 'fans', there would be no me/us...

Let's switch gears for a bit. You're well known for your work with Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, and countless others and thus have amassed some great studio stories over the years. Is there one that you can share with our readers that highlights what you bring to the table as a producer? 

Dre is one of my biggest mentors and he was pushing me to get this record right for him. He told me, "I want people to hear your music and say 'WTF is that!' ". That has truly changed my life and approach to everything I do, even outside of the music...

To follow up on that, what advice do you have for the aspiring professional music producers that frequent our site? 

BE ORIGINAL! Stop worrying about the money and just make the music the world NEEDS, not wants! Create your sound and your lane, don't ride trends or waves.

Lastly, what's next for Focus... ? Songs, projects, collaborations, etc...? 

Man, being honest, whatever hits my desk! I told Dre, if he'll allow me, I want to ride the rest of my career out with the Math and his movement. He is the only person that ever took me seriously and that means everything to me and my career...

Thank you for your time. 

Anytime. iStandard is family!!! 

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Check out and purchase the project HERE.
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