#certifiedFRESH: The Cocoa Sarai Interview w/ DJ Aaron Omar

Interview by DJ Aaron Omar

Hello Cocoa, how are you today? 

I'm doing awesome! Thank you for having me! 

I’m actually pretty familiar with your work and I’ve seen you perform a number of times around NYC. Incredible talent. Seeing as how you’ve been performing for years and you’re still young, what has been the most important lesson you’ve learned about the music industry

Thank you. I've learned so many lessons but as of right now the most important one that I've learned so far is "Put It In Writing" lol.  People will make a bunch of promises all of the time. Nothing is official until it is in black and white. 

What artists have been your biggest musical influences and what is your biggest career inspiration? 

This one is a little difficult because I have been inspired at different points in my life by different people. One of them is Tina Turner. I fell in love with her at a very young age. Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday, Prince, Queen, and quite a few others. My career inspiration is definitely Tina Turner; she is an electrifying performer, entertainer and vocalist! She is powerful and I love that. 

What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment thus far? 

Singing the National Anthem at Madison Square Garden. I've done a lot of things that I'm proud of but I remember going to Sesame Street on a school trip in elementary school and telling my Mom that I was going to sing there one day to a sold out crowd. It wasn't my concert but it was a sold out crowd and it was at Madison Square Garden lol so I just know to be more specific with The Creator when I speak to her lolol 

Your most recent release was “Robots” which you dropped for Valentine’s Day. You brought a very mature vibe which, along with some incredible production from Rick Hertz, made for a really dope song. When can we expect you to release new material and what can we expect to hear when you do? 

Early Fall and I'm so excited; this will be my third project and the first one since having surgery on my vocal chords. I feel blessed and fortunate to be able to do music. The writing is honest as is all of the writing on my projects. I've grown up a little bit; I have different views and I'm excited to share.

On August 4th, you will be a featured performer during at the iStandard iWrite Songwriters Showcase at Katra in NYC. What can we expect to see on stage from Cocoa Sarai? 

Expect an Experience! I don't believe in performances, I believe in experiences and I can't wait to hit the stage :-) 

Cocoa, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Is there anything that you would like to leave our readers with? Where can they find you online? 

Thanks Thank you again for having me :-) 
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