[Editorial] Hulkamania is Dead and So Is My WWE Network Subscription

Written by DJ Aaron Omar

For starters, I did not decide to cancel my WWE Network subscription because of Hulk Hogan's unbelievably disrespectful comments that were made public earlier today (if you're not familiar with the story, click HERE).  I don't blame WWE for the actions of one of its employees - that'd be ridiculous.  However, while reading up on that story as it unfolded throughout the day, I came across some past WWE footage that I had never seen or heard of until today.

From about 2001 or 2002 until 2011, I rarely watched wrestling...completely out of the loop.  I had been a fan since Kindergarten but, like most other lifelong wrestling fans, I took a break from watching and moved on.  So it wasn't until today that I learned about a storyline from 2003 featuring Triple H and Booker T.  Throughout the angle, Triple H made reference to Booker T's "nappy hair," said that "people like you" don't get to be World Champion, and even suggested that Booker T should "do a little dance" because he wasn't in the WWE to be a serious competitor, merely an entertainer.  Wrestle Crap has a complete breakdown, including audio links of the storyline HERE but I can tell you how it ends:  Booker T lost his match to Triple H at Wrestlemania and wasn't part of the main event picture until years later.  In 2015, Triple H is now the heir-apparent to run the entire company.

When I look at something as disgusting as that and then take into consideration the fact that in the 63 year history of the company, which dates back to the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, there have been ZERO African American WWE Champions, I have decided that enough is enough.  WWE will no longer get a red penny out of my pocket because the culture of WWE isn't going to change anytime soon, regardless of what the aftermath of this Hulk Hogan scandal is.

A large majority of black WWE characters have been based on stereotypes.  From The Godfather (a pimp), to the 1st incarnation of The New Day (Black church testifiers), to the Nation of Domination (angry black militants), to Cryme Time (the name says it all but click HERE if you'd like to be horrified), to whatever the hell R-Truth is supposed to be on today's roster (basically a buffoon)....on and on and on.  Hispanic wrestlers, Middle-Eastern wrestlers...they've been treated similarly.  Only a handful of Black wrestlers have been treated as legitimate, top notch WRESTLERS such as Mark Henry, who's undoubtably had a Hall of Fame career but still never won THE championship.

So, I'm done.  Done dumping money into WWE.  Done supporting a company that doesn't "get it" by now.  I am very much still a pro-wrestling fan and will continue to support companies such as Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.  And obviously, this isn't an indictment of a majority of the current WWE or NXT roster.  There are some great athletes and performers who I used to enjoy watching and will do so again should they find themselves employed by another company with a better track record.  It's just that today was an eye-opener and I refuse to support the disrespect.  Hulkamania is dead and so is my WWE Network subscription.
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