[Good Music] Da YoungFellaz - 'The New York Times' (Mixtape)

This is really, really good music.  Da YoungFellaz took the time to put together a mixtape based on some of NYC's most loved and respected tunes.  New York tribute projects are nothing new but the difference between those releases and The New York Times is that this one actually manages to move the region forward while simultaneously saluting the sounds of yesterday.

For starters, Jay Storm and Sho-Biz both have unique voices and can mold their flow to match whatever the tempo dictates.  On top of that, their perspectives are unique and honest.  And the production team that worked on the project (Hitmaker Dot, Bravestarr, and Andre Keys) did a hell of a job re-working those old samples and making them sound fresh in 2015.  I definitely co-sign.

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