[Premiere] REVL TVLK - '57th/S.O.E.' (Produced by Kof of The Vamp)

On first listen, my face scrunched up like I caught a punch to the eye. In other words, this is MEAN. REVL TVLK has been hitting his stride as of late (see his last release "Conflict of Interest") and "57th/C.O.E." continues that momentum.  For starters, the production provided by The Vamp representative Kof sets the table for REVL to feast properly.  It's haunting, aggressive, and switches up 3 times by the time the song finishes.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of the difference between making a beat and producing a song.

REVL sounds HUNGRY on this.  "Music's all I've got, don't got no other plans" pretty much sums up the state of mind that he's in right now.  Win or die; no gray area and no room for mediocrity.  There are lines like that salted and peppered throughout "57th" that lead you to believe that he's gearing up for one hell of a run very soon.  The tunnel vision required to attain major goals is something that REVL captures and embodies in a very clear and straight forward way.

"If the money's outside, then I'm outside."  Ditto.

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