[Health & Fitness] How Jadakiss & Styles P Are Bringing Juice Bars To The Hood (Documentary)

In neighborhoods like the one I grew up in (Roosevelt, NY), the lack of healthy eating options and overall education about healthy decisions has always been low.  Basically, low-income people and communities get quality shit last because the mainstream and corporate entities make more money selling us bullshit that we don't need.

I love what Styles P and Jadakiss have been doing with their Juices For Life shops.  I've been to the Castle Hill location a couple of times and I can vouch for the juice being high quality.  Do yourself a favor: if you're nearby, check it out.  Follow @JuicesForLife for all info.  And if you're not near a location, just use this video as a spark to educate yourself on what's healthy.  Live a little and a little longer.

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