#CertifiedFRESH - 7 Instagram Accounts That Add Color to Your Feed

Happy post over-eaters day folks!

When I find myself on the gram, I usually end up scrolling through my feed much longer than I'd like to. That being said & Instagram being the visual platform that it is, I took it upon myself to assure that what I expose myself to only effects me for the positive. Listed below you'll find 7 accounts that make my scrolling experience all the better:

This is a good start. Jordan Watts is an instagram based curator. Posting work from emerging artists worldwide, his account has become a one stop shop for new discoveries.

Jason Jagel is an east coast born sculptor & painter. His work spans The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The UCLA Hammer Museum, The Museum of Modern Art & various projects with Madlib & MF Doom.

French graphic designer Jean Jullien's work ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothing. If you're into social & political satire this is highly recommended.

So at some point Young Guru got a leica cam...and has proceeded to turn his instagram account into an archive of sick stills. This account has slowly become one of my favorite follows. His exclusive point of view has garnered some of the dopest shots of the music industry's best & brightest.

If you've ever wondered what your favorite Air Max 95's would look like as a dope gas mask this is the account for you.In 2010 Gary Lockwood started a daily creative project called MASKS365, creating gas masks from deconstructed sneakers. He even makes custom lace-locks for limited release shoes.

Everyone from your favorite video game characters to pop-culture icons are re-imagined through the eyes and hand of Nuri Durr. The brother blaquekeyz introduced me to this account a few years ago. Nostalgia at it's finest.

Tanaka Tatsuya's miniature calendar project is one of the most interesting concepts I've stumbled upon in a while. Creating miniature diorama's everyday for four years deserves a follow. Especially when they're of this caliber.

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