[Gaming] Messiah Mondays: Balistik The Messiah's Top 10 Dopest Games In Life (Part: 2)

Once again a happy Monday to you all!

Last week, we kicked off Messiah Mondays with the first part of my "Top 10 Dopest Games In Life". If you missed the first half of the list, you can check it out HERE.

So today we're continuing on and wrapping up the second half of the video games that I feel have been the most impactful for me, growing up...

5. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Arcade/ Sega Dreamcast)

The Street Fighter franchise is the grandfather of everything that is considered a fighting game today. The Street Fighter name goes as far back as the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I've always liked fighting games, don't get me wrong....but I personally more enjoyed the experience of a full on story in a video game, or objective based games like platformers or shooters. Fighting games like Street Fighter always seemed to get old fast to me after a while. However, back when arcades were still a very prominent thing, I used to go to a really dope arcade out in Yonkers, New York in the back of a Nathan's restaurant. One day I noticed a particular game called Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I almost couldn't believe what I was looking at when I saw Ryu (a timeless primary character from the Street Fighter series) fighting on screen against Wolverine from the Marvel X-Men comics! It was just unbelievable to see two characters from two totally separate worlds go at it on the same screen. I remember back when Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat was out I would always imagine how nuts it would be if Ryu fought Sub-Zero or some strange mash up of two completely different characters teamed up and cris-crossed. SO you can imagine how wild this game looked when seeing it for the first time. Not only did the game include characters from the Street Fighter series, but it also included characters from most of the popular Capcom games of the past....AND every match was a 3 vs. 3 where you could tag your different characters in during the fight and combine their super moves into one giant super. Just imagine Mega Man, Cyclops, and Street Fighter's Ken vs. Spiderman, Juggernaut from Xmen, and Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. WTF?Just insane. One of the most impressive things to note about this game was the amount of playable fighters you could choose from. A stunning 56 characters from various Marvel and Capcom franchises in one game allowed for an almost endless amount of combinations and mash-ups. No fighting game to this day has come close to that roster. The Marvel vs. Capcom series is the only fighting game series that I can personally play over and over again and not get tired or bored.

7. Assassin's Creed 2 (Playstation 3)

Assassin's Creed first popped up on the scene for the PS3 and was an instant favorite of mine. While it seemed like a game set in early Jerusalem, there were futuristic elements involved in the game since you were actually playing out the memories from the ancestor of modern man in a machine looking back into his DNA chain. The game would bounce back and forth between past and present times and told a story like I've never seen before in a video game. It was a very different piece of work. You played as an a member of the ancient Assassin order which was an actual secret society that existed during the times of the Crusades. The entire series is based on the secret war between the Assassins and the Knights Templar, another prominent secret society of world history. The game involved very real elements that shed light on the actions of the old secret societies that would play a part in world history. You played as one of the Assassins and possessed parkour abilities to climb walls, fight and all. The second installment of the series, to me, was the pivotal release where I felt the game shined and started a 3 part game series with a plot that cannot be described. It's kind of hard to describe this game in detail. It's more of a thing where you kind of have to play it out to get the gist of it all in full. The reason I felt I should include this game not he list is simply for the experience the game gave me during each installment of the franchise. It truly cannot be put into any category.

8. Fallout 3 (Playstation 3/ Xbox 360)

The Xbox 360 is one of my most beloved consoles to ever come out simply because of the amount of time I spent using it. During the peak of the Xbox 360's existence, one of my friends had advised me to but a game entitled Fallout 3. I had no idea what this game was about and I can't say that I was eager to dive in and purchase a game that was a complete mystery to me. However I did see that the game was a runner up for the "game of the year" award...and I figured that a critically acclaimed game could not disappoint that much. So I decided to pick it up...and boy was that one of the best decisions I've ever made. This game was HUGE...and by that I don't only mean the size of the buzz, or even the size of the open world you played in. But huge in the sense of the sheer epicness of the plot of this game, and the possibilities you had to literally create your own story. The game takes place in post apocalyptic Washington D.C. after nuclear war. You begin the game by emerging from one of hundreds of man-made vaults that were built during the war to shelter people from devastating radiation. What you soon learn is that the wasteland outside is now a world on it's own with its own currency, survivors, bandits, and radiated monsters alike. It was truly a post apocalyptic video game that touched a deep part of one's imagination. You are literally free from the beginning to go wherever you wanted and talk to whomever you so happen to meet outside in a huge map. Every mission, dialog choice, decision, and battle played an effect on the entire story and the possibilities were endless. Both me and my friend purchased the game at the same time and believe me when I tell you that me and him had two completely different experiences and stories while playing the same game. He would discover places in the game that I had never seen or been to, and his story ended up completely different that mine all the way down to the end game. Bethesda, the creators of the game, set the bar extremely high with this game for what an action RPG game is supposed to be. A game where one could be anyone they wanted, do anything they wanted, and create whatever story and path they wanted to create through the most basic decisions in nearly every moment of the game. I've never looked at an RPG game the same since Fallout 3....and though I haven't played it yet, the newest installment Fallout 4 is certain to be another classic.

9. Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox 360/ PS3/ Xbox One/ PS4)

Beach Party

Every time Rockstar Studios releases a Grand Theft Auto game, it's literally a pivotal milestone in their gaming development talents. Every Grand Theft Auto game that has been released is symbolic of their overall technical and creative achievements at their pinnacle. Grand Theft Auto 5 is to this day, the most perfect game ever created, in my opinion. You have to truly see it to believe what you're looking at. What these guys created with this game is a living breathing city, with all the nuances and meticulous detail about what makes a city REAL. The people, the cars, the traffic, the weather, the stores, restaurants, radio stations, businesses, politics, criminals, and law enforcement. These people basically duplicated, down to a t, the monumental cities of California and put you right in the middle of this living city, free to do whatever you want, and go wherever you want. GTA is the god of open world games and Grand Theft Auto 5 is a monument to that. The campaign and it's three playable characters is so immersive, as is the world itself, that you can get stuck passing too much time playing this game easily. Top that off with an online mode (which has taken on a life of its own) that brings players form all over the world into this city with you, and you have one true masterpiece of a game. Just buy it, and play it. Preferably not around your children. By the way...that picture above is MY personal character taking a selfie at bonfire party with some random people right before I shot a few of them and took their money....just because you can do that.

10. Destiny (Xbox One/ PS4)

Destiny at first glance looks a lot like a modern day Halo....but it is pretty much everything Halo is not, though it is created by Bungie, who also created the first 3 Halo games. This game combines the best parts of a first person shooter, and a Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) and puts it into one well put together package. The it's a sic-fi game at heart but when you actually get down to playing the game and building your character, you learn that the name of this game is to find, earn, and collect the rarest of awesome guns to use in the battlefield against computer enemies and online against other players in halo arena style multiplayer. You can customize your character, and their gear along with their ship and whatever guns from your collection to bring into battle that you choose. You'll fight bosses, and collect bouts on enemies...and you'll have fun doing it. This is one of the first games I can safely say that has truly developed its own internal player community where players all over the world get together and arrange raids, share techniques, secrets they've discovered, and basically just kick ass together. The best thing to me about the game is that they are constantly releasing new content and weekly updated that not only add more things to do and more missions to play, but also try to balance the game out so that it can be truly enjoyed by anyone and not just those guys who play the game 24 hours a day. This is one of the games that is constantly in my console today. The game is in its 2nd year out and the game that you play today is not the game you played a year ago...and there's still more to come. New updates, new guns, new missions, new things. Rumor has it that Bungie, the creators, have a 10 year plan for this game with a series of rollouts and updates that will keep this game in our consoles for years to come. That's something no game has ever done before...and if it's true, I'm looking forward to it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list...I look forward to keep you guys updated on any new games that may come out in the future as well as new content of only the dopiest quality. I'll close out with making this one point. If you're not a "video game" kinda person, or never have been attentive to video games, pick up a damn controller, turn your lights off, put the volume up, and truly get into a good game. There's a game out there for every type of person and I guarantee once you find the one that's for you, you won't want to stop playing. Happy gaming, guys....

Balistik The Messiah

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