[Art] Kristina Nguyen

I was scrolling through twitter one day & came across the Painting above & three other ones. when i saw them, i was impressed by the feel of it & reminded me of certain times in my life that you wish never ended. So of course i Researched the Artist Kristina Nguyen & saw she had a website & more painting to see!!

Christina Uses Oils in a way that i have never seen before. In her own words she's says she's trying to work with the texture in a way that at times the oil feels like watercolor..

You can never completely see through an artist eyes & the way they think exactly. But by using simple oils & turning it into paintings like this is amazing. i had a chance to message her one day & asked her what is her inspiration? she told me "Its many things but mostly the world around her & the understanding of how short life is..."

if you want to know more about her & see more of her art, click here

- Ronny Ron

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