[ART] - Lina Iris Viktor

On a random day on Tumblr I came across Lina Viktor. Viktor is a painter, photographer and performance artist. After taking a stroll on her website I even discovered she dabbled in sculpture as well. Her art sticks with me because every bit of it is bold and attention grabbing, yet something is soothing about the pieces as well.
One of the painting that immediately stayed with me was a piece named "Syzygy'", made of pure 24K gold, acrylic, gouache and print on matte canvas. It oozes fierceness.

Viktor is also a subject in art, chosen by Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos for a visual performance piece called "LV for Visionaire". Once again Viktor showcases her love for gold and then plays on the metallic gleam against dark backdrops.

Check out Lina Viktor

Let me know what you guys think of Lina Viktor.


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