#certifiedFRESH - Chance The Rapper Gives Back

I don't know about you but it really doesn't feel like Christmas, mostly due to the crazy warm weather NYC is experiencing. I stumbled across some good will towards man on Tumblr.
Chance the Rapper is helping to give 1,000 coats to Chicago's homeless. The project called Warmest Winter, was born from a partnership between Chance and Detroit based non-profit, The Empowerment Plan. The Empowerment Plan employs homeless people from Detroit shelters to create these coats. Yes, employ, which means these wonderful people are given an opportunity to not only build up their future, resumes but also their spirits. The coats are called Empwr coats.

Let's discuss the Empwr coats, they're self-insulating and water resistant, but they convert into an over the shoulder tote bag as well as a sleeping bag. Which is definitely needed with some of the harshest winter weather and over 100,000 homeless on the street.

Photos : The Empowerment Plan

The Warmest Winter officially launched Wednesday and hopes to bring coats to Chicago's homeless with the help of donors. The project has already raised $43,000 which will produce 430 coats. Chance has been asking his followers and fans on social media to donate.
This project is a bit of love among the lost holiday cheer, reminding me it is always better to give than receive. Now we may not all have a Benjamin Franklin lying around to donate to the project but you can always start by giving right in your own neighborhood.

Acts of kindness can start in small ripples, you never know who you can affect in a positive light.


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