[Food For Thought] Messiah Mondays: Expand Your Musical Taste To Save Your Life

Please stop listening to Top 30 day in and day's killing your brain...and you're missing out on many mental and physical benefits....

As I write this, I'm sitting here right now after a long day of bouncing around everywhere...listening to Sade (if you don't know who Sade is, please, please find out) and I am in a state of pure relaxation. As I'm listening to this song I can't help but think about how I would not be able to achieve this feeling of deep relaxation with any type of music that's on a Top 30 playlist. In fact...I can think of many moods, positive thoughts, and inward enlightenment that could not be achieved through the music that our modern "DJ's" are constantly spinning every day on the radio (or whatever's left of it), and mainstream music outlets.

These days, music is almost quite literally shoved down our throats. You can open up Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music and instantly get bombarded with new music that is based on the type of stuff that you usually play daily. The problem here is that if you're like most people, you have certain "habits" with the type of music you play....and depending on how broad or narrow those habits are in variety, you're going to to either get fed "different" music , or more of the same type of stuff you're already bumping to. I'm sitting here today telling you to try to go for those "broader" habits, rather than having a narrow genre taste. My reasons for this are as follows:

1. Your Brain

It has been proven in study that a wider taste in tunes can expand and even improve the way your brain functions in everyday life. Listening to and taking in various types of music can also help you with things like creativity, imagination, and even basic and advanced problem solving. Different genres of music can also benefit certain functions of the brain in particular. For instance, classical music is known to help increase focus and concentration.

2. Your Body

As you listen to music, your brain interprets what it is hearing, and processes it. In response to what you're hearing, your emotions and your body will react to what the brain is interpreting. The most common example of this process is what happens when someone starts dancing to something playing. (Yes....even twerking.) However, this process is also evident in less obvious situations; ones that you may not even have noticed. For instance, when someone goes to the gym or hops on a  treadmill to run, or lift weights; If that person is listening to music, chances are that it's going to be music that motivates them in whatever way suits them. Most people like listening to upbeat music when partaking in physical activity because they claim that it energizes them as they workout. This is the body directly responding to music. Sometimes what we don't realize, however, is that there are countless types of human emotions, and infinite kinds of life situations that we run into on an everyday basis. Life isn't always upbeat. We get sad, angry, stressed, happy, and many many other things throughout the course of time, depending on our situation. A broader musical taste will allow you to find a sound that suits your every mood , or life situation. Thus allowing your body to be able to positively respond to the different challenges that life throws at you.

3. Your True Unfamiliarity With What You Actually Subconsciously Like

Probably my most basic reason for me telling you to expand your musical taste is simply because there is SO MUCH MUSIC out there. Music from literally every corner of the world. Think about how many actual songs have been created over the course of human history. We're talking millions and millions of songs from millions of artists. With that being said, how could you possibly believe that you've already found every kind of song or genre that you like? That's like walking into a store full of millions of racks of clothes and picking the first 10 pieces of clothing that are thrown in your face to wear everyday on rotation and assuming that you've found the best clothes in the store. Why would you NOT want to go back to those clothing racks and keep browsing for new stuff on your own? In today's world you literally have every type of song that you can ever imagine at your don't just limit yourself to the same 20 songs that you hear everyday. You're cheating yourself....big time. If you're a person with a narrow taste in music chances are you just haven't found something different that you like because you haven't heard it yet! This is the new age where we are able to expand our music libraries beyond anything ever possible before. So go out there, put your ego aside, and pick a random artist from a weird ass genre of music and listen to every song that you can even for just a few minutes...just make sure you LISTEN to and not just play the music. I promise you that you'll eventually run into something that will completely surprise you in a good way...and as you watch your library expand, you'll notice that your life will take on a bit of a different feel.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Top 30 Music....but there is something wrong when we, as people limit our ability to grow, change, and evolve our culture simply because we don't want to make the few extra clicks toward something a bit different for a change sometimes. Go hunting for something new now....

Balistik The Messiah

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