[Lifestyle] 5 Random Gifts Under $20!

Let's keep the holiday spirit going shall we? Being an adult is probably the hardest around the holidays, because lets face it, spending money kind of sucks. Well since Santa might be a tad bit short on coins, being a dope helper I am, I've compiled a list of cheap but pretty hilarious Christmas gifts.

1.) Death Star Ice Mold$12.99
 For the Star Wars aficionado to keep their beverages ice cold, like Vader's heart.

Have any college students in your family, or just a good ole' lush? Perfect gift to get them through the hell that is hangovers. Why didn't they have this when I was in college?!

3.) Monkey Nail Dryer - $3.93
This is by far the most innocent and cute gift on the list. For the special woman or little lady in your life who likes to give herself manicures. Not only is this absolutely adorable but who likes waiting for nail polish to dry? Not I! 

4.) The Gift of Nothing - $15.93
Ah, the perfect gift for those who have it all or those who should have coal under the Christmas tree. The gift of nothing can also be used as a prank before presenting the real gift. Not only is it hilarious but for some people its the gift they've deserved all year. 

5.) Elephant S**t Delivery Service - $17.95
I definitely couldn't make this up if I tried. Have a co-worker, relative or neighbor you just can't deal with at all? Coal just won't do the job ? Bring yourself some holiday cheer by having some rather exotic poo end up right at their door step. If you feel like splurging they have a gorilla poo package and a combo package. The choice is yours!

I hope these gifts help you laugh a bit and possibly narrow down your shopping lists.Which gifts are you thinking about getting for your loved ones?
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