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Happy Monday, good people.....

It's fairly safe to say that The Weeknd is a pretty well known name in the music industry these days. However, it is also safe to say that his musical style has evolved and changed quite a bit from his earlier work. The Weeknd emerged on the scene back in late 2010 with a series of anonymous songs that were uploaded to YouTube under his then mysterious alias. Back then it seemed he was creating a buzz without anyone ever even knowing what he looked like, and everyone was talking regardless. In my personal opinion I believe that that particular marketing strategy was pretty genius. Not just in a "marketing" sense, but also in an artistic sense. It allowed him to create a buzz through the simple and effective impact of the music, and the music only. Nobody knew what he looked like and no one cared because everyone loved his music. It was very unique for the time. 

So when his project "House Of Balloons" dropped, it was so well delivered to me simply because of his lack of "fame"at the time. I feel that had he made himself more "visually recognized" in his early years on the scene, the project wouldn't have impacted me as well as it did...or anyone else in his audience for that matter. There's just something about anonymity that seems to help certain artists. Some artists work and, ironically, LOOK better when their identities are shrouded in a bit of mystery. I wanted to share this video because I remember at one point early being highly interested in what this guy's image actually was. And, while at the time, there was hardly a trace of the guy visually, I eventually came across this video....and was pleasantly surprised by what I watched. For one, the video was only out on Vimeo at the time, and wasn't even a live action video, but an artistic moving illustration created by a man named Mikael Columbu. I absolutely was amazed when I saw this video because of it's presentation, creativity, depth, artistic visuals, and overall message. I highly recommend that everyone watch this video over more than once and truly observe its creative elements. The message itself in the video is incredible and the presentation in delivering that message is fantastic. What was dopest of all to me was that the director was actually able to pull off such a great work of art whilst still preserving the mystery or anonymity of The Weeknd's identity throughout. It's such a well put together video and till this day is up there as one of my favorite music videos of all time. Check it out.

Balistik The Messiah
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