Messiah Mondays: A Quick Word On Being 'Selfish'

The term "selfish" these days is often misconstrued....

We often tend to call people "selfish" when we feel that they are not putting thought or giving care to someone else's feelings, or giving enough of their own time to another person. I have personally been called "selfish" quite a few times in my life... and while I can't discredit anyone else's feelings or opinions toward me, I do have a choice to either absorb that opinion, or deflect it. 

I'm sitting here writing this to you all in order to remind you, the reader, to closely observe the next person that you perceive to be "selfish". Because sometimes, the people we proceed to see as "selfish" are often just "self aware", and there is a very big difference between the two. While some people truly do not have a care for anyone else but themselves, others are simply on a journey of their own in attempting to make the world around them better through use of a less direct method. People that fall in the latter category are usually, believe it or not, the least selfish people out there. The key to understanding this concept begins with an inward look at yourself, and your own life, and how you choose to spend it. Stay with me, here...

As you grow wiser in life, you realize how valuable each minute that you're granted of being awake actually is. As a result of this, you grow aware of how many of those minutes you are putting to use contributing to the world around you, and to bettering yourself. Because  a proven fact in my personal life has always been that you cannot truly better anyone else unless you're actively bettering yourself matter how much you think you can. You grow less interested in spending your time on wasteful or slow-moving habits, as much as you the point where it becomes an everyday battle. You try to maximize your output because you see the results of what putting that time in does... Maybe not right away, but eventually. This might result in you applying less time or thought to those around you simply because you are already using up your mental capacity in order to maximize your own personal evolution. This law applies to pretty much ANY aspect of life itself....and it is a law of nature, and a law of the universe. The overall energy, thought and time that you give to ANYTHING will return to you in life in the quality, and quantity that it was given.

As you become more meticulous about this, you will realize just how much of your time is being pulled from every direction of your life. The task is learning to BALANCE where you're allowing yourself to be pulled, every day. Some will look at you and say "You think you know it all.", "You're selfish.", "It's always just about you." and that's okay. Because not everyone is capable of thinking the way you think...and knowing what you know. Very few people realize that the key to making the world and everyone around you happier begins INSIDE of YOU, the "SELF AWARE" individual. But they'll get it eventually....just hopefully not too late. No one has ever changed the world without changing themselves first. Dont get it twisted, I'm the first person to slow down and chill out....and I enjoy and value rest, sleep, relaxation, and spending time with friends and family more than anoyone else I know. I'm a true "lazy" person at heart... but it can't always be just that. Movement is life, and life is movement. Unless you're a plant or tree....and even those move in time. So it would surely be wise to spend that time moving toward your own goals, and dreams. Doing so will allow you to be the best YOU that you can be....and in return allow you to influence and rub off on people in the most efficient manner that you were to. ONE NEEDS A PROPER BALANCE BETWEEN LIFE, WORK, LOVE, AND LEISURE TO FIND PEACE, AND HAPPINESS IN ORDER TO BRING THAT BALANCE INTO THE LIVES OF EVERYONE ELSE AROUND THEM. 

Being "self aware" is not being "selfish".

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