Messiah Mondays: [Technology] We Are Living In The Future And No One Is Paying Attention

The other day my mom was on a video chat with my young niece who is now in school, learning and growing very fast every day. I was overhearing their conversation and listening to my mom asking my niece about school, and what she is currently learning about. So as I'm listening to this conversation I couldn't help but be amazed at the age she was relation to the things that she was learning about. At her age she's probably learned more in half a decade of life than I had when I was 10. It's truly fascinating how far ahead today's educational system has advanced.  I was also surprised to hear that she was learning how to write in cursive "script" on her own outside of school because the modern day education system no longer teaches children how to write in cursive. While I may not  necessarily agree with that because I feel that the action of writing something out on paper is a very essential element in achieving one's dreams, it is pretty fascinating to see just how much of a different world we are living in today.

I'm an 80's baby...and I am proud of it. I was born in the late 80's and did most of my growing up in the 90's. I came from a time that now seems to be so distant and strange in today's world. It was an age of tangibility; with no screens to look at, no notifications to constantly pay attention to....just good old paper, and pen. The closest things I had to technology were my super Nintendo and "The Oregon Trail" with the green and black screen in computer class (If you've never experienced "The Oregon Trail" in the early 90's I feel very, very sorry for you.) Even the term "computer class" seems a bit redundant now. If you take a look around at what's going on in the world of technology, and the advancements we've made as a human species, I think it's safe to say that we are pretty much on the cusp of, if not already living in, "the future". When's the last time you've actually taken a second and looked at the state of mankind and all of it's advances in technological science? If for some reason you're still not a believer that we are damn near living the future, here are some pretty convincing examples below:

1. The "Hoverboard" it's not an ACTUAL hoverboard....but this is definitely one of the most recognizable and popular pieces of tech today. Basically a self balancing Segway with separate motors on each side that work together for better maneuverability and balancing. It may not float off the ground, and has been known lately to be kind of dangerous given that some are catching fire randomly...but that doesn't take away from the fact that the thing is pretty cool, even if it's looked at as kind of a gimmick for now. This is the first step toward our evolving desire to be lazier than we already are. Can't say it doesn't look dope though.

Now once the guys over at Hendo are able to get their technology off of a specially designed metal track and onto actual concrete and earth, then we're in business:

Marty McFly soon, or nah?

2. Drones

Another increasingly popular form of tech out in today's world are the drones. Flying quadricoptors with cameras on them that are able to fly very high in the sky and record and observe whatever it's pilot chooses. Most of these things come with a remote control to fly them and some can even be piloted and monitored from any smart phone. Pretty crazy given that these things are not THAT expensive at all to get your hands on and come in a variety of different price ranges depending on how advanced of a drone you want. They're just starting to become a popular for the past year or two now and larger companies such as Amazon have looked to take advantage of this tech in order to establish on demand drone delivery systems for ordered packages. However, with all technology, of course, comes a bit of danger involved with the growing popularity of this technology. Drones are also beginning to make appearances in highly news involving air space accidents and near-misses. With this in mind obviously it's only a matter of time before law enforcement starts looking for ways to crack down on the technology, or regulate it in some way. Check out this video from "The Verge" channel on YouTube for more info:

My advice is to pick one up and take advantage now before the government takes all the fun out of it...

3. Boston Dynamics

Now I'm not sure of how many people have actually heard of these guys....but I, personally have been following this company for many, many years. The company was established in 1992 and today is known for having created a series of  "human like" robots that serve various purposes including cargo travel and many other uses. One of the more notable inventions is "BigDog" which is a four-legged robot developed specifically for the U.S. Military with funding from DARPA. Google recently acquired Boston Dynamics in late 2013, and is now using it to develop their own future products. Check this creepy stuff out:

...can we say SkyNet? maybe that didn't creep you out enough:

Nothing still? Okay:

All these advancements on top of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence are only bringing us closer and closer to the stuff we used to marvel at in the movies. It's apparent that technology, and science, can be both beautiful, and scary. Regardless, it's something that we all should be aware of because all of this will almost certainly be a part of our lives in the very near future whether we are paying attention or not. Whatever the future does hold for us, let's just hope that this stuff doesn't get out of hand...and don't say I never warned you.

Balistik The Messiah
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