[Tech Update] Guess Who's Watching You?

THIS IS NOT ABOUT PARANOIA-- but more so about accepting the reality that sometimes people will want to hack into your life for one reason or another. Whether its a seasoned hacker looking for your credit card or banking info, or a bitter ex just trying to be nosey and see what you are up to on a daily basis.

 Generally these days people are attached to their phones and tablets more than ever before & internet sharing seems inevitably like it will be the demise of us all.  Facebook Messenger, Texting Apps, Twitter Links,  and so many other seemingly harmless platforms can be leaving you more vulnerable than most folks realize.

"The most common ways to hack people is through text messages that appear to come from retailers or legitimate businesses."

  ex. sms - You just won a $20 Walmart Gift Card, to claim your Gift Card or to unsubscribe, click on the following link...    -Whether you unsubscribe or not just clicking the link will open your smartphone to a world of hurt. Obvious Lose/Lose situation.

 Based on this investigation from Crime Watch Daily & Zimperium (Company that discovers holes in Andriod and Mac OS') hackers can even gain full access your info while you sleep regardless of you clicking on links or not.


1. Update your OS as often as possible (don't ignore system updates)
2. Do not click any links (unless you are absolutely sure of the origin)
3. Turn off your device when you are asleep or not home
4. Use any and ALL security options your device offers (strong passwords / easy to remember)
5. Keep Bluetooth and SBeam off when you are not using them

More tips from Business Insider here

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