#certifiedFRESH - FL Fully Loaded Interview

Big C + I.K.E.
Interview by Aaron Omar

I have the pleasure of speaking with I.K.E. and Big C, the duo known as FL Fully Loaded, who just dropped Monday Night Freestyles alongside DJ Don Demarco.  What's up fellas, how's everything?

Big C - Bless King.

I.K.E. - What's good, my lad.  Everything's good.

First and foremost, I want to talk about where you guys are from and how you formed FL Fully Loaded.

I.K.E. - We're from the Bronx and Brooklyn.  Most people ask how we can be from both places but the difference here is that we're really family, we really have the same blood.

Big C - That's what inspired the duo.  We were into the same music and were inspired to do music on another level.

Did you start rapping together or were you solo artists first, later deciding to come together?

Big C - I started rapping when I was 7 and at that time, he was more into singing.  It wasn't until he was 9 that he started going super hard with the rapping but he already understood melody and song structure.  From there it was over.  That's where the dream started, not only rapping but owning labels and other businesses together. 

Who were your influences?

I.K.E. - All of the greats... B.I.G., Hov, Nas, Pac, Wu-Tang.  As far as on the R&B side, I was on my Jackson 5/Michael Jackson shit.  I used to watch the Jackson 5 movie over and over.

What's the science behind the name Fully Loaded?

Big C - The fact that we're a duo and we're versatile.  When it comes to writing great songs, bars, real life stories, street music - we have all angles covered.

Obviously you've known each other your entire lives.  What are some lessons that you've learned from each other, whether in music or just life in general?

Big C - For me, one of the biggest things was simply making sure your word was your bond.  Doing what you say you're going to do.  When it comes to setting dates and timelines, everything has to move in a timely fashion.  Everything has to be organized.

I.K.E. -  Lyrically, I learned that every verse counts.  You really have to go hard to be able to stand next to him and rap.  Every time I go to spit a 16, I'm going hard.  

In life, he reads people easily...he can pick up on a person's energy A.S.A.P.  I'm great with that now but that's something that he was always good with.

Let's talk about the project.  For starters, how did you and DJ Don Demarco link up?

I.K.E. - We've known him for about a decade now.  We won a showcase and the prize was winning a trip to the radio station.  When we got there, he wanted us to spit and we went crazy.  He liked what he heard and from there, it was history.  He's one of the realest DJ's in the game.

Big C - He's seen every era and he knows all of the greats and he's still grounded.  He's not going to act like he's Hollywood when he sees you in the street.  He still grinds.

Dope.  What can the people expect when they press play?

Big C - They can expect a dope variety of music.  Everything from R&B beats, backpack beats, trap beats...everything.  Just to let the people know that we've been around for awhile and we can make great music.

The project can be found on  Let the people know what Living The American Dream Society, or LADS, represents.

I.K.E. - For starters, I've been saying "lad" for my whole career.  Everybody says "my boy" or "son" and I wanted to be different.  From there, we came up with the acronym Living The American Dream Society.  That represents anybody that works hard and strives to be great - we want our 40 acres and a mule.

What does 2016 look like for FL Fully Loaded?

I.K.E. - We're going to be working hard and having A LOT of fun.  This is setting the tone for everything that's on the way.

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