William Griffin Jr. perhaps the greatest emcee in hip hop was born. a.k.a Kid Wizard b.k.a RAKIM.

Being a native New Yorker myself and being a fan of hip hop since the early 90's I hold the god Rakim in the highest rankings of rap royalty. So to pay homage to one of the best lyrical beasts I wanted to showcase some of his most notable works, so hopefully you can appreciate his body of work and understand my personal sentiments.

Rakim was introduced to Eric B. during high school and the two became an unstoppable duo quickly. There first single "Eric is President" was laid down at the home studio of the legendary Marley Marl.
With Eric B handling most of the production and seemingly infinite James Brown samples from Marley Marl the sound they adapted was unique and groundbreaking for hip hop of the era. No one had to date heard anything like what they were creating. Topping it off Rakim had a monotone and methodical type flow that caught people off guard because it contrasted with the more aggressive and extraverted delivery of most rappers at the time. Rake set the stage for future juggernauts of the genre like of Nas and 50 Cent with his flow and lyrical imagery.

The duos 4th album  and last joint venture "Don't Sweat The Technique" is the one that changed the way I listened to hip hop forever.

Later Notables

2010-  Eric B And Rakim were inducted into The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame.

2010- Rakim, along with Snoop Dogg, KRS-One, a reunited A Tribe called Quest and others were a part of the U.S. “Rock The Bells Tour”.

2011- The Roots band backed Rakim up at a performance at New York’s Blue Note jazz club to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of “Paid In Full”.

2013- Rakim released the single “Don’t Call Me” with DMX.

2014- Rakim appeared as a guest on Linkin Park’s album “The Hunting Party”, on the track, “Guilty All The Same.”

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