Messiah Mondays: [Good Music] F.L. Fully Loaded's 'Monday Night Freestyles'

If anyone knows me personally, they know that I am and will always be an advocate for the concept of Hip Hop music containing actual LYRICS, WORDPLAY, and PRECISE SKILL ON A MICROPHONE. So I was very pleased to hear of the newest release on Christmas day from New York Hip Hop duo F.L. Fully Loaded.

The two have linked up with Desert Storm legendary DJ. Don Demarco and have been blessing his Monday night radio show for some time now with a collective of super dope freestyles over whatever industry beat has been thrown at them. They have pretty much gathered up all of their hottest verses and put together a really dope package of over 17 freestyles that cover almost every corner of their lyrical ability...along with some original tracks as well. They call it "Monday Night Freestyles"...and I honestly think these guys deserve some attention for their skills on a mic.

I've been personally following these guys for many years and have witnessed their relentless grind and a passion to always deliver the best bars on anything that they touch. They also happen to compliment each other's styles very well delivering a great blend of precise, aggressive rhyme flow and stacking from Big C along with the more abstract, versatile vocal ability and rhyme skill of I.K.E. (Illest Kid Ever) that can bring color and diversity to any track. It's very rare these days to see a rap duo do it like these guys do seeing as duos are hardly even thing in rap anymore; and while they do make a fantastic duo they also do both stand out quite well individually on their own. There's something very "vintage New York" about them and I honestly welcome anything that gives off that vibe creatively. You get a perfect example of this on their "Big L., Jay-Z freestyle #14". Dope stuff seriously.

You can check out and download "Monday Night Freestyles" below. They also sat down with DJ Aaron Omar for an interview the other day. You can check out the #certifiedFRESH interview and find out more about how to keep in tuned with them HERE.

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