Messiah Mondays: [Music Videos] Retro Dopeness Of The Day

I've always been into odd things personally....since my young years....but there's just something really awesome about retro-futurism in particular that always catches my attention.

With the damn near permanent exploitation of modern day CGI in today's films it's more difficult these days to appreciate computer graphics and computer animation, since it's an almost regular occurrence in modern film. Today I want to shed some light on a rather peculiar series of art films that were created back in the 90's called "The Mind's Eye". My father used to own a video store back in those days so I always had my hands on a wide range of VHS tapes of all sorts. At the time, these particular videos however, were very different than your average "rented movie".

"The Minds Eye" was a series of films produced by Steven Churchill of Odyssey Productions (originally Odyssey Visual Design) & Miramar Productions that were released at the beginning of the decade with the first film releasing in 1990. The original films dropped on VHS and LaserDisc and eventually got transported to DVD later on in time. Each entry in the series is usually about an hour or so long and featured a collection of electronic music playing over various computer animated sequences. The first film of the same title was directed and co-produced by Jan Nickman. The visuals in the film were not originally created specifically for the work, but instead were instead pieces of various works created for other things such as commercials, demo reels, and feature films that were not used. At the time Jan Nickman had taken these sequences, chopped them up, and placed them over electronic tracks in an organized for which seemed to tell a story of it's own, thus creating "The Mind's Eye" series. As a result, "The Mind's Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey reached #12 of Billboard's video hits chart and the film made sales into double platinum status. The film would later go on to be recognized as a mile stone in computer animation. The success of the first film allowed for the producers to create subsequent films afterward with "Beyond The Mind's Eye" in 1992 (my personal favorite), "A Gate To The Mind's Eye" in 1994, and "Odyssey Into The Mind's Eye" in 1996.

Below is the entire 1992 second film release "Beyond The Mind's Eye",which for some reason is my personal favorite, probably because of the soundtrack. It's pretty trippy stuff. Check it out and enjoy:

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