Messiah Mondays: [Visuals] Jager Bro.

Happy Monday folks....

I wanted to take this time today to put you guys on to my own personal piece of the internet away from our home here at Pardon My Fresh.... 

While I've been a recording artist and audio engineer my entire life, I have also always appreciated and tapped into the world of visual art very very much. For me, visual artistry is a big inspiration to all other forms of art, including sound. I well written song can be inspired just as much from an amazing image as it can from an amazing idea. I wanted to share with you my own little contribution and head nod to the world of visual art, photography, and visual inspiration...mixed with a touch  chaos here and there. The place is called Jagerbro - Inspirational Chaos.

I honestly started the site many years ago for really no reason other than I was very curious about the Tumblr platform and wanted to check it out...It kind of took a hold of its own eventually once I noticed how beautiful much of the art is on Tumblr. The name for the site honestly started out as a bit of an inside joke. The site mostly consists of a running stream of image, art work, and other things that provide my personal soul with the highest level of inspiration....and while it doesn't make much sense especially considering the tone of it's content, I just stuck with it. So if you ever have a few minutes to just sit and calmly enjoy a bit of down time, head over to my zone, throw on some chill vibes, and check out my collection of inspiration.

Check out JagerBro - Inspirational Chaos HERE
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