#CertifiedFRESH x THE JTPK


The JTPK has been only a concept until now. After much preparation and intentional grooming for years by Z3ro The Comet, the fruits of his labor are ready to be shared with society NOW!

No longer just a concept, The JTPK is a group of creatives that are moving together as one unit, driven by their desire to create outside the typical realm that has been established. They are not governed by money or bound by standards but by each of their own creative desires and their need to “build for beyond”.

So, needless to say, this website is an experience in itself… something completely different than what you are used to.  It will serve as The JTPK’s channel where they will feature all new content that will shake and transcend you from your traditional comforts.

Tune in February 17th at 7PM on Z3ro The Comet’s Periscope for a live website launch party.

Rumor has it that should you tag @THEJTPK in a screenshot of the website, & follow them on instagram that you will get a very dope present from The JTPK themselves for your love and support. A present that is exclusive only to you and is available until February 18th at 5PM! So, make sure you tune in and support the new movement for beyond!

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