Messiah Mondays: [Visuals] Journey Back to the Birthplace Of Hip-Hop in the 1980's

Good evening and happy Monday to you all. Hope you all got a good jump on your dreams & goals for the week, and for life....

Yesterday , February 7th, marked the 16th year since one of the great Hip Hop legends Christopher Lee Rios aka. Big Punisher passed away and left the entire Hip Hop community at a great loss. Truly one of the greatest emcees to ever speak on a microphone, Big Pun was a staple for the Bronx Hip Hop community in the years leading up to his passing. His ferocity and lyricism on the mic brought an element to Hip Hop that was completely unheard of before him, and birthed a long succession of Hip Hop artists that were more focused on delivering their best rhymes and most impeccable flows into their music for generations to come. In order to commemorate his passing, I found it only right to share with you some fantastic vintage footage of the birthplace of Rap: The Bronx from the 1980's. This is some truly classic and timeless footage here that brings such an aura of nostalgia to those who were around during the 80's as well as a journey into what some modern day New Yorkers may see as a whole other planet. It was a time where graffiti and street art ruled the subways and where most of the grit of the Hip Hop genre comes from. The content in the video comprised of two parts 
is almost dream like when looking at it now. Hop into the time machine:

R.I.P. Big Pun...

Balistik The Messiah
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