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Every moment you are listening to sound and how you do it matters. By correcting the acoustics in your workspace you are turning that workspace into an ear training environment. It saves you time, resources, and simultaneously improves your work...without doing anything but showing up and doing what you normally do.
Studio Monitor Placement (The Why and How): 

You wouldn't believe how many professionals I come across who place their studio monitors without a second thought as to where. One on top of a bookcase and one on top of a coffee table. If your monitoring setup is out of balance then your mixes probably aren't translating well between the studio, your car, and your headphones. With that in mind, here are a some tips on nearfield studio monitor placement:

The two most important things to watch are the direction the monitors are aimed, and the balance of distance they are from both your ears and one another. What you're looking for is symmetry. Equal height, equal distance. The universally accepted best practice is to place your monitors in a perfect triangle from your listening position (at 20-40 degrees, preferably 30 degrees). That's where you'll find "the sweet spot."

In most situations, your monitors shouldn't be above or below your head because high frequencies are so directional. If one monitor is placed way to the left while the right monitor is directly next to you, you aren't hearing a real representation of what's happening for everyone who’s playing the song in a different room, car or pair of headphones. If you have the space, it's best to keep them away from the walls and the corners of the room (which will amplify their sound in a misleading way) but always far enough in front of you that sound has enough time to form in front of you rather than behind you.

- Aaron Omar
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