March 5, 2015

[Good Music] Lauriana Mae - "Protect Ya Neck" (Produced by Jack Splash)

Straight to the point; I will support anything that Lauriana Mae (@LaurianaMae) releases to the public. She's THAT good.  Jack Splash (@SirJackSplash) with the production & co-writer credit.

March 4, 2015

Good Music: Soho Kings - "I Give You Money All The Time" (feat Rahzel Jr.)

I'm new to the Soho Kings (@SohoKings) and after listening to this, I'll be checking for them more often. "I Give You Money All The Time" is exactly how you deal with a gold-digging girlfriend. My dude Rahzel Jr. (@RazahRahz) is on the guest list for this track.

- DJ Aaron Omar

Good Music: Z3ro The Comet - "Alarm Clock!"

Fuego! My dude Z3ro The Comet (@Z3roTheComet) sent this over to me earlier today. Self produced and the FLOW....the flow is special.  I'm definitely expecting great things from the kid very soon.

If you're not familiar with him, check his most recent full-length project, Gorilla Glue n'Chips HERE.

- DJ Aaron Omar

March 3, 2015

Good Music: G-Unit - "Ballin'" (Produced by MistrAdams)

G-Unit just released their latest EP The Beast Is G-Unit today (HERE on iTunes).  "Ballin'" is the opening song from the project and is produced by MistrAdams (@MistrAdams).  HARD!

For more on MistrAdams, head over to iStandard Producers (HERE) for an exclusive interview about how he placed the beat.

- DJ Aaron Omar

March 2, 2015

Good Music: Tink - "Ratchet Commandments" (Produced by Timbaland)

I've been supporting Tink's music since I first heard "Around The Clock" and played it on a few CNNCT Life Radio episodes. She keeps the good music flowing here with "Ratchet Commandments" where she takes men, women, boys, and girls to task for their, well..ratchet behavior. Timbaland crafted this one.

- DJ Aaron Omar